Admissions at the point of Primary/Secondary transfer (transition year).

Pupils will be admitted without reference to academic ability or aptitude. The number of intended admissions for the year commencing September 2018 and 2019 will be 282. The school proposes to continue to admit pupils with Statements of Special Educational Need or an Education, Health and Care Plan, where that is the wish of the parents and of the Local Authority administering the statement or plan.

Oversubscription Criteria 

Where parental preferences for admission exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied in the order set out below, to decide which children to admit.

  • Children who are in public care, including those who ceased to be looked after because they were adopted or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order within the regulations set out by the Admissions Code February 2012.
  • Pupils of All Saints Primary, Bowling Green Primary, Cross Lane Primary, Elland CE  (VA) J&I, Holywell Green Primary, Old Earth Primary, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary, The Greetland Academy and West Vale Primary schools
  • Those pupils who have a brother or sister (or step/half-brothers or sisters) permanently resident in the same household and currently attending the school (this excludes those pupils in their final year).
  • Children who have a particular aptitude for sport.  Allocations under this criterion will be limited to up to 10% of the planned admission limit and applications must be supported by evidence.  Parents must complete a separate application form for consideration under this category.  This must be returned to the school by the date shown below.  Parents must also have expressed a preference for The Brooksbank School on the Local Authority’s online application form..  Applicants under this criterion will be invited to attend a session where their sporting aptitude will be assessed.
  • Direct distance between the child’s home to school, with those living nearer being accorded the highest priority. Distance will be calculated using a straight line measurement from the pupil’s home to the closest designated school gate.

Distances will be calculated using the Local Authority’s GIS system (Geographical Information System). To ensure consistency applies, all measurements will be carried out by the Local Authority’s GIS system and no other method of measuring distance will be considered. Each property has a coordinate taken from Ordnance Survey ADDRESS-POINT data. This is the point which distance measurements will be taken from.

If there is oversubscription within any category, the next criterion would be applied (except for sporting criterion, which is based on the rankings in the sporting aptitude test).

The school’s Year 7 Admissions Policy for September 2018 can be downloaded here

The school’s Year 7 Admissions Policy for September 2019 can be downloaded here

The school’s draft Year 7 Admissions Policy for September 2020 can be downloaded here

Key Dates

Admission Arrangements Timeline: 2018/19 Intake

Date Event/Deadline
01/03/18 Calderdale MBC will make offers of secondary school places to their residents
15/03/18 Deadline for parents to request reallocation and/or appeal via Calderdale MBC
16/03/18-01/05/18 Parents that have not already appealed should contact the school directly to make appeals
08/05/18 Deadline for parents to return completed appeal notification forms to the school
04/06/18-15/06/18 Appeal hearings will be heard (exact dates to be confirmed nearer the time)


Admission Arrangements Timeline: 2019/20 Intake

Date Event/Deadline
20/09/18 Open evening
05/10/18 Applications to apply under the sporting criterion to be submitted to the school
w/c 15/10/18 Sporting aptitude tests to be carried out
23/10/18 Parents/carers informed of outcome
31/10/18 Deadline for online application to be submitted to the Local Authority

Independent Appeal arrangements

Parents/carers who wish to make an independent appeal for a place for their child must contact the Clerk to the Independent Appeals Panel at the school.

The Clerk will inform parents/carers about the procedure and send them all the relevant documentation including an appeals form to complete and return to the school.

Click here for some general notes about the appeals process

Appeals are administered by an independent panel and the school follows the statutory requirements in both the School Admission Appeals Code and the School Admissions Code when organising admission appeals.